3 Bad Situation Happen in 1 Day…

First, let me introduce myself 🙂
My name is Qwin Ouwens or just Qwin…..Let’s start a blog
* First situation!
I went to the supermarket in Nakhon Sawan. It’s called ‘Makro’ and before I get inside a supermaket I didn’t notice about my car because you know I’m in a hurry. My GF has to buy some porks so we got in and got out after that I walked to my car and something just happened!
Someone just hit my car !!! OMG
I’m very pissed off and I saw a car who just park near my car just drove out……
* Now here a second situation!
So when I saw that car, I’ve drove after them to look that did he or she whatever are they just hit my car or not but when I drove in front of them and look! there is nothing. So I’m still pissed off and you know just went back to my place.
* Third situation!
I drove back to my place and on the way home something that make me more pissed off happened AGAIN!!
I don’t know who house is it but it has a some kind of festival maybe I’m not sure cuz I don’t know and it blocks my way to get back home so I’ve to take another way to get back to my home! Wow so nice they just wasted my time >:((

End of a blog….Thanks for reading :))

Qwin xxx

Author: นายกวินทร์ เอาเว่น